Masters A to H

Entries for the 2017 race opened at noon on Friday 22 September at will close at 5 p.m. on Tuesday 31 October OR when 240 paid entries have been accepted, whichever the earlier.

Age-category events for Masters (Veteran) A to H in coxed fours (4+), coxless fours (4-) and coxless quadruple sculls (4x), for open, women's and mixed crews.


  • Mixed crews must contain at least two women (excluding coxswains). Crews with only one woman may race in the open category.


Note on handicapping for the 2017 race

Medals are awarded in events with two or more entries. If two adjacent age categories each have only one entry, and so would not qualify for a prize in their own right, the committee reserves the right to amalgamate these categories and apply the appropriate masters handicap so that the competitors in the two categories may have the opportunity to win a medal. Handicaps will only be applied to adjacent age categories - i.e., A and B, but not A and C.

If a category has only one entry, and no adjacent non-medal category with which it might be amalgamated, the crews will be offered the opportunity to move down into another age category in order to race for a medal. This would be a change of status; handicaps would not be applied.