Race numbers will be available at the collection points (see Safety and Marshalling Instructions) on the morning of the race.


  • Owing to an ordering mix-up, the colours of the linen numbers (black on yellow/yellow on black) don't quite correspond to Middlesex/Surrey marshalling divisions. Crews should marshal according to their race number, not its colour
  • Your numbers are in a clear plastic sleeve. Please return the sleeves to the collection box, so they can be re-used or recycled.
  • Safety pins will be available at the collection points to fasten the linen numbers: one on bow's racing kit, the second on the outer layer of warm-up kit.
  • The linen numbers go on bow, NOT coxes - the timing teams want to see your number as you come towards them, not after you've crossed the start/finish line!

After the race, please return your Empacher number plate to any of the collection points, or post it back to the address in the Safety and Marshalling Instructions by 20 November. Any crews that have not returned their number, or lost or damaged their number by whatever means - including altercations with other crews - will be charged £15 for its replacement.


Division 1: crews 1 to 60

Division 2: crews 61 to 120

Division 3: crews 121 to 180

Division 4: crews 181 to 235


Final start order

Click here to view the final start order

The Safety and Marshalling Instructions are now available in the Safety section of this website.

Please see the information regarding number collection and subsitutions in the Race Day pages.


Provisional Start order

Click here to view the provisional start order.

Please notify the entries secretary ( of any errors or omissions - including changes to host clubs - by noon on Monday 6th November.

The safety and marshalling instructions, and final start order, will be posted at 2 p.m. on Monday 6th.


Close of entries - what happens next

Entries for the 2017 race closed at 5 p.m. on Tuesday 31st October, with 238 entries paid and accepted. Click here to see the spreadsheet of entries by category.

A number of events had only single entries, and so would not be racing for a medal. The submitting adminstrators of those crews were e-mailed on the evening of 31st to ask if the crew wished to race unopposed, or to commute to another category if available. Such offers are made 'blind' - the crews are told only that they would have opposition and so a chance of a medal, NOT who the opposition are.  

These crews have been asked to respond with a decision by noon on Friday 3rd November. The draw will then be finalised and posted on the race website at 5 p.m. that day.


2017 Course

Owing to the Tideway Tunnel works around Putney Pier, the 2017 race will run from the University Stone at Mortlake to Ranelagh Sailing Club on Putney Embankment.

On race day the finish line will be marked with the usual banners, on the Ranelagh clubhouse and the Bishops Park wall, and the new finish circulation pattern will be included in the safety and marshalling instructions (available on this website after the close of entries on 31 October).

The works are expected to last for around three and a half years, and the Veteran Fours Head committee has agreed this course for the 2017 race. The committee will watch what other Tideway events are doing and will make an assessment each year, based on experiences of safely marshalling crews who have finished their race.