2018 Events

The following events will be offered for the 2018 race:

  • Masters A to H coxless fours (4-), coxed fours (4+) and coxless quadruple sculls (4x)
  • Masters coxed quadruple sculls (4x+)
  • Masters E/F and G/H double sculls (2x)

All events are for open, women's and mixed crews.

The coxed quads are continued by popular demand. These events are aimed at crews with some racing experience, but who are not yet ready to race in the coxless events.

The double sculls are new events for 2018, to offer masters, particularly those from smaller clubs and masters squads that may not be able to field fours or quads, an additional opportunity to race. These will be handicap events for Masters E/F and G/H crews.


2018: In planning

The 2018 race is 'in planning' on BROE2, with entries scheduled to open at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday 12th September.*

The core events - quads, coxed fours and coxless fours for Masters A to H - will be offered for open, women's and mixed crews. Other events for Masters crews will be confirmed in early September, prior to BROE2 opening for entries.

* Note: this is a change from the date originally published. The additional Masters events and local rules will be confirmed at the race committee meeting on the evening of Tuesday 11th, and BROE2 will open for entries the following morning.

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